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    I recently bought myself a wristwatch after many years just using my phone. So I guess they are a little more on my mind than they have been since I designed some concepts for a company around 4-5 years ago. Anyway, I came across a design study that Gro Design have done, and quite like this above concept.

    Danish speaker supplier Vifa just launched this new wireless loudspeaker designed by Design People and featuring fabrics by Kvadrat . IAlways nice to see some well designed objects coming out of Denmark, adding to similar Danish portable speaker products from Libratone and B&O Play.

    Studio Family was asked by Icon Magazine to Rethink the Holy Bible and bring it in to the digital age. Being a sucker for nice designed icons and clean digital interfaces (and the son of a minister), it caught my attention. See more at Family’s site.

     Clever. Evolution Door: Klemens torggler’s hingeless flip-panel door  (<a href=””>Via Designboom</a>)

    People People / This young Swedish design studio seems to be getting something right. Combining simple, smart and honest design with a bit of eco-conscience. Worth keeping an eye on. Picture shows their Pocket Watch.

    It’s cool to see Google invest time and resources in a project like this (a contact lens for diabetes patients that automatically keeps track of their glucose levels)

    "We’re now testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material. We’re testing prototypes that can generate a reading once per second." (via Official Blog: Introducing our smart contact lens project)

    A really nice little portable container home by Spanish architecture studio ÁBATON (Click to view more)

    Tempted to give this a go. I have the Paper app, but never really gotten into drawing on glass (iPad)… and I recently read how much Steve Jobs hated stylus pens, which I partly understands…


    Pencil is a new digital stylus for FiftyThree’s Paper — my favorite sketch app for iPad. Walnut option with a special magnetic snap for the iPad Smart Cover? Sold.


    The Tongue Chair (aka AJ 3102) designed by Arne Jacobsen was his second completed chair design right after the Ant Chair in 1955. The chair was designed for Munkegård Skolen in Gentofte and is now restored by HOWE and Tobias Jacobsen, the grandson of the great Danish designer and architect. Later the chair was placed in the rooms at the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

    I like these infographic style illustrations made for IBM by The Design Surgery (click for more). 

    I kinda like KiBiSi’s take on a height adjustable desk, the X-Table (for Holmris) - but the little storage unit called ‘Trolley’ was what really caught my interest. Nice one boys.

    Not many modern bikes catch my attention, I like the classic metal frames much better, but this one I like.

    Happy to announce that I will start on a new exciting project at Novo Nordisk next week after 2 great and meaningful years with the etrans project.

    Currently writing on a collection of advice on how to work with change and transformation in complex systems, based on experience we have gained from the innovation challenges in the etrans project. Should be printed and publicly available during this fall. Stay tuned…

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